Historical places have value!

Some of the most familiar sites in Smithfield are ones with historic value.  The Del Monte Pea Factory, the Douglas General Mercantile Store, the Smithfield Carnegie Library, and of course the Historic LDS Tabernacle are all on Main Street in town and are recognizable to anyone who drives through often.  Smithfield’s Historical Heritage Society has as one of its goals “to identify and mark the historical sites and landmarks of Smithfield.”  The above listed sites and others fall into this category, and we want to help you learn more about them!

We have several buildings designated as historical landmarks

There are many buildings in Smithfield of a historic nature that are still being used today.  In an effort to let others know about them, as well as to preserve the buildings themselves, we have several buildings that have been designated as historic landmarks.  Other buildings have applications in process.

More than just a building,
the Value of sights and landmarks in telling history...

These historic buildings are more than just rock and mortar, they are a symbol of work, effort, and success from the past.  The Douglas General Mercantile Store, located at Main and 200 South, represents the old-fashioned mercantile store that a family went to in order to purchase the few things they didn’t raise or make themselves.  This was from an era in which people worked hard to found the small settlement of Smithfield, Utah.  Stone was cut by hand, farms were worked with horse-drawn plows, women made clothing for their family.  Built in 1883, this building is a testament that hard work will endure.

The Historic Smithfield Tabernacle was built by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints beginning in 1881.  More than just a gathering place for the community, the tabernacle was a place of worship, instruction, and guidance for the early citizens of our community.  As the community members built this building, sacrificing time, means, and effort, they also built the strength, character and faith of our community in its early days.  Many look to the tabernacle as a symbol of the blessings that have been poured out on our community since then.

There are many other historic buildings and landmarks throughout Smithfield, Utah and they all add to the rich history in our community.  You can learn more about each of these buildings and landmarks by clicking on a link from the following list:

  • Monument to Smithfield Fort
  • Smithfield Tabernacle (now Youth Center)
  • Douglas Mercantile
  • Monument to Ira Merrill
  • Second Ward Tithing House
  • Carnegie Library
  • Electric Streetcar Ticket Office and Repair Shop (now Wells Fargo Bank)
  • Summit Creek
  • E.R. Miles Store (now Smithfield Implement)
  • Bank of Smithfield (now Every Bloomin’ Thing)
  • Scout Cabin (now Smithfield Historical Museum)
  • Rocky Mountain States Telephone Office
  • Signal Pole
  • Ice House
  • Home built of Smithfield Brick
  • Northern Utah Railroad
  • Presbyterian Church

You can also see some of these sites by taking our Smithfield, Utah Heritage Trail!

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